Agriculture and food security

Agriculture et sécurité alimentaire

Agriculture is the base of the beninese economy. It is one of the sectors on which count many of the actors (States, NGOS, Technical and Financial partners (TFPS) to combat food insecurity and poverty of households. The Strategic Plan to revitalise the Agricultural Sector in Benin has focused on the professionalization of farms by increasing the production of plant, animal and fish farming and the mechanization of agriculture to ensure the food sovereignty of the country from national production. The programme agriculture and food security, therefore, comes to accompany the communities in the improvement of food and nutritional security through the professionalization of small-scale farming. This programme has four strategic axes that are :

• Improving the productivity of small farms

• Improvement of the chains of added values of agricultural products

• Post-harvest management

• Improvement of the nutritional situation of rural and urban populations