CASAD celebrated on the 23rd June 2016 the night of the agro-ecology in Glazoué.

la nuit de l’agro écologie à Glazoué.

Agriculture, which occupies nearly two-thirds of the national territory, has a major economic, societal, and environmental responsibility. Because the night is conducive to the debate, anywhere in Benin, "the night of The agro-ecology" is the opportunity for farmers to explain the meaning of their engagement and for citizens to come meet those who practice agro-ecology everyday, to discover their practices, and to discuss with them.

In this context, the Centre of Action for Food Security and Sustainable Development (CASAD) has organized a public Debate around agriculture with the Multi- actors Platform for the promotion of the local innovations in Benin. The central theme of the exchange is : What methods of production do we want to encourage as citizens ?

CASAD had the technical support of the ministry of foreign affairs of France.