The right to health, clearly stipulated by the Constitution of 11 December 1990, articles 8 and 26, is a major challenge for the development of Benin. Despite the progress made in the field of prevention and treatment, the national health statistics reveals that the prevalence of HIV/AIDS remains high among the population aged 15-49 years, with a predominance in women.

Similarly, the demographic survey carried out in 2011 referred to the fact that half of all women 25-49 years of age had their first sexual intercourse before they reach the age of 18.4 years. The same survey showed that at the age of 15, 3% of girls have already had at least 1 living child or are pregnant with their first child ; at 17 years old, they are 15 % and 19 years of age, they are 37 %. More serious, finally, at 25 years, it is the majority of women (83%). Faced with this worrying situation, it is urgent to better educate young people on issues relating to sexuality.

In this same context, the penetration rate of mobile telephony and the internet are runaway in the country. The information technology and communications represents an opportunity that we should exploit to increase access to the right information and adequate education on Sexually Transmitted Diseases for the Change of behaviour of young people.


This project aims to increase access to information and education on Sexually Transmitted Diseases for the Change of behaviour of young people.

Main activities

Creation of a Web platform for the sharing of good information about Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Animation of the Web platform with articles, images and videos about Sexually Transmitted Diseases to educate young people through social networks.

Advice of a specialist of sexuality to the young people on the platform each month.