The members of the multi-actor platform discuss with a special envoy of the network PROLINNOVA INTERNATIONAL at hotel du Lac.

Lancement d’une plateforme multi acteur pour la promotion des innovations paysannes en agriculture écologique et gestion des ressources naturelles

The Centre of Action for Food Security and Sustainable Development (CASAD) has launched a multi-actor platform for the promotion of the local innovations in ecological agriculture and management of natural resources in January 2016 at Glazoué, a town in central Benin.

In this framework, CASAD has started the required steps with Prolinnova international to integrate the platform in this network. Thus, Prolinnova has sent the May 25, 2016 in Cotonou a mission led by Geneviève Audet-Belanger to exchange with the members of the platform.

A delegation of 10 people of the platform led by the program officer of CASAD has met Geneviève Audet-Belanger of Prolinnova international at 19: 00 at Hotel du Lac Cotonou.

The program officer of CASAD has presented the platform, its objectives and activities. Thus it is clear from this presentation that the platform has set out five key objectives namely : to promote local innovation in ecological agriculture and natural resource management in Benin ; Work towards the development and implementation of national policies and programmes on agricultural development adapted to the local innovations in Benin and to defend the values of efficient and sustainable peasant agriculture at the service of family farms and agricultural producers.

After this presentation, Geneviève asked directly to the actors of the platform some questions relating to their activities and the mode of funding of the platform. The representatives of the groups have presented their activities, which are summarized to the processing of agricultural products in a number of products, and the field activities. Other activities such as the production and marketing of organic fertilizers are carried out by other members. The NGOS provide technical support to the groups by the different sessions of capacity building.

Geneviève has also presented PROLINNOVA INTERNATIONAL which is a Dutch network present in 18 African countries with headquarters in the Netherlands. This network supports multi-actors platforms and has as main objective: the promotion of local innovations in ecological agriculture and natural resource management.

After about two hours of conversation, it is on a note of satisfaction that the session was completed with a family photo.

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