CASAD-Benin released the first young farmers’ promotion

CASAD-Benin released the first young farmers' promotion

CASAD-Benin released the first young farmers' promotion

Following a call for applications, twenty-five (25) young people from Benin were selected by the Action Center for Food Security and Sustainable Development (CASAD-BENIN) to benefit from an agribusiness training grant in the framework of the implementation of the project of Initiation and Training of Youth in Agricultural Entrepreneurship.

These young fellows come from Cotonou, Porto Novo, Abomey -Calavi, Glazoué, Dogbo and Parakou. They have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences, Legal Sciences, Economics and Human Sciences. They decided to make agriculture their professional profession while respecting the environment.

For five (05) weeks, these young people are housed in the Research Center of Innovations for the Development of Agriculture of Livestock and Fisheries (CERIDAEP) in TAKON in Sakété commune where they learned to drive. a fish farm, organic market gardening and making fish feed.

On Sunday, October 02, 2016, CASAD-BENIN in partnership with CERIDAEP proceeded to the presentation of certificates to young beneficiaries at the hotel Bimyns in Djèrègbé.

This is the opportunity for CASAD-BENIN, represented by its Program Director, to thank Mr GBEDOKPOSSI Marius, Director of CERIDAEP for his welcome, his dedication and his commitment to give the best of himself for the success of this project .

The next step in this project is the actual installation of young people on their own farms. CASAD-BENIN is already doing it.

You can participate in this project by applying for the third wave call for applications which will start rigorously on the 06th of November 2016 by clicking on the following link: