Youth unemployment is a challenge that governments tend to face. The mismatch between training and market demand means that the number of unemployed youth is increasing day by day. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Analysis (INSAE), only twenty-two point two percent (21.2%) of young people are employed, of which fourteen point seven (14.7%) are irregular workers. Faced with this situation, which accentuates youth poverty, entrepreneurship is a solution that can enable these thousands of young people to self-employ.


The main objective of this project is to contribute effectively to the fight against unemployment on the one hand and to promote entrepreneurship of young people in Benin on the other hand

More specifically, this project aims to

Encourage young people to take an interest in and believe in the potential of agriculture
Allow young people to reflect on relevant ideas in agricultural entrepreneurship
strengthen the entrepreneurial capacity of young people for economic and social transformation in Benin.

Main activities

The capacity building of 150 young people from the plateau department in fish farming, market gardening and business management