Takon District Chief’s Visit to Young Fellows of the Second Wave of CASAD-BENIN

Takon District Chief's Visit to Young Fellows of the Second Wave of CASAD-BENIN

Takon District Chief's Visit to Young Fellows of the Second Wave of CASAD-BENIN

On the day of Friday, October 7, 2016, the young people of the second wave of the Action Center for Food Security and Sustainable Development (CASAD-BENIN) received a distinguished visitor. This is the Takon District Chief accompanied by the Takon Central Village Head.

For three hours, the Takon District Chief had to wait for these young people who are busy building a pond in the slums, a difficult but very exciting job. He took the opportunity to exchange with some young people, the Director of Programs of CASAD-BENIN and Mr. Marius GBEDOKPOSSI, Director of the Research Center of Innovations for the Development of Agriculture of Livestock and Fisheries (CERIDAEP) of Dra . Then place to the festivity and speeches.

In his speech, the Takon Board invited the youth of CASAD-BENIN to more ardor, more perseverance and courage to continue the continuation of the training. He encourages them to really settle down after the training. This is the opportunity for the District Manager to appreciate the work CASAD-BENIN is doing in his area and to thank Mr Marius GBEDOKPOSSI for his commitment to youth entrepreneurship.

Mr Marius GBEDOKPOSSI took advantage of this opportunity to show young people in training that agriculture is our wealth, our heritage and that we must invest in this sector because the land never lies.

As for CASAD-BENIN’s Director of Programs, Mr Romuald DJEGBENOU representing the Executive Director, thanked the Board for having made the trip and its advice to the young people and promised to involve the Sakété Town Hall for the next editions.

Remember that this agribusiness training started on October 2, 2016 and will last five (05) weeks. These young people, twenty-nine (29) including six (06) women were selected by CASAD-BENIN following a call for applications to benefit from an agribusiness training grant as part of the implementation of the project of Initiation and Training of Youth in Agricultural Entrepreneurship. The Research Center for Innovations for the Development of Livestock and Fisheries Agriculture (CERIDAEP) is the main partner of CASAD-BENIN for this project.